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And March's Winner Is.....Robert A


Congrats go out to Robert A, who rose to the top to claim a copy of An Explorer's Guide to Yosemite and the Southern Sierra Nevada by David Page.

Congratulations to Robert A., who came out ahead of a very sizeable pack of qualifiers from March's puzzlers to win a copy of An Explorer's Guide to Yosemite & The Southern Sierra Nevada by David Page.

More than three dozen readers qualified for the drawing by correctly guessing the right answer to one of Traveler's Mystery Spots or Mystery Photos. Indeed, there were so many qualifiers that the quizmeister was admonished for being too lenient.

As usual, the highly unscientific drawing for the guidebook consisted of writing the qualifiers' names on pieces of paper, then tossing them from the top of a staircase at Traveler HQ. The piece of paper that traveled farthest was declared the winner, and Robert A's easily out-distanced the pack.

Robert A, if you'll email us with your address, we'll ship the guidebook ASAP.

Everyone who successfully identifies the Mystery Spots and Mystery Photos in April will qualify for a drawing of a copy of Andrew Skurka's The Ultimate Hiker's Gear Guide.


That's Quizmeister with a capital Q, Kurt.

So do the pieces of paper get made into paper airplanes, balled up, thrown as is (flat) from the stairs, or what?  I hardly think the Quizmeister is too lenient!  Many of us enjoy the quizzes  - but those mystery photos are frequently darn hard to decipher!

I have been puzzling over the same thing, viewmtn.  Since The Editor in Chief has never entrusted me with that information, I am left to wonder.  Does he throw the pieces overhand or underhand? Does he know how to make a paper airplane?

Thanks Kurt, I was just excited that I could answer one of he quizzes for once!

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