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Higher Angling Fees At Yellowstone National Park To Support Fisheries Program



It's going to cost you a little bit more to fish in Yellowstone National Park this summer, as officials are raising the cost of a license to help support their fisheries program.

Three-day permits to fish in the park will cost $18, up three dollars from last year's pricing, while a seven-day permit will go for $25, up from $20. If you're close enough to fish Yellowstone's waters regularly, an annual permit will set you back $40, up from $35.

If you're 15 or younger and like to fish, it won't cost you a penny.

Fisheries management activities are primarily focused on the recovery of the Yellowstone Lake ecosystem through the restoration of the native Yellowstone cutthroat trout. Other activities include the restoration of cutthroat trout and Arctic Grayling in streams and lakes, exotic aquatic species prevention, fish population monitoring, water quality monitoring, enforcing fishing regulations, interpreting fisheries for park visitors, angler surveys and operational costs such as boat dock maintenance, fuel costs and permit printing and issuance costs.

A fee increase will help support one of the most significant efforts in the lake restoration project -- the removal of non-native lake trout, which prey upon and reduce the population of cutthroat trout. This program is also supported by the park's official fundraising partner, the Yellowstone Park Foundation, which committed $1 million toward fish conservation for 2012.

Fishing permit fees have been charged in Yellowstone since 1993, with the last change in the fee structure occurring in 2004. The new fees will not only help ensure the viability of the park's fisheries program for future years, but are also in keeping in line with fees charged by neighboring states.

On average, fees throughout Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Colorado and Utah run $15 per day for short-term, non-resident permits and $77 for annual non-resident permits. Yellowstone anticipates approximately 40,000 multi-day permits will be sold this season.

Yellowstone's 2012 fishing season begins May 26 and extends through and includes the first Sunday in November. For more information on season dates, fishing regulations and more, visit this page on the park's website.

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