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Year's First Ascent of Half Dome Shows How Scarce Snow Is In Yosemite National Park


A video made from the top of Half Dome on January 4 shows how scarce snow is in Yosemite National Park this winter.

For the majority of us, climbing to the top of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park occurs during the summer months when the cables are installed to make it a bit easier.

But the other day a local climber made it to the top and made a video of the views from the top.

Though spectacular, that video, made January 4, also shows how scarce snow is the "Range of Light" this winter. The video was posted on YouTube by "yexplore," an adventure company that offers guided trips in Yosemite.


A similar view can be approximated from the air.  Last week, while flying from Oakland to Phoenix, a view of the High Sierra reveals little snow and mostly exposed granite rock.  I hope this apparent warming trend and drought will not persist.  The major metropolitain and agricultural communities of much of central and southern California are highly dependent on the Sierra snow pack for year-round water.

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