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REI Donates $10,000 To Friends of The Smokies



A $10,000 grant from REI to Friends of the Smokies will make it a little bit easier for the friends group to improve trails in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

The money went towards a new Trails Forever equipment trailer. The Friends of the Smokies celebrated the donation from REI during a recent gathering of park supporters in Ashville, North Carolina.

At the gathering Ching Fu, outreach specialist for Asheville’s REI store, presented a check to Friends of the Smokies’ North Carolina Director Holly Demuth to benefit the Trails Forever program, which supports trail improvement projects in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

“We love the Smokies, and we want to encourage volunteer stewardship of the park’s amazing system of trails,” said Fu. “It’s a great fit for us, our customers, and everyone who enjoys the great outdoors.”

REI’s donation finances a new equipment trailer to transport the tools and supplies necessary to conduct major trail improvement projects, and support a seasonal trail crew that oversees the trail work and coordinates the efforts of hundreds of volunteers each year. In addition to business donations, the Trails Forever program is supported through donations from individuals and volunteer efforts.

“Even before this donation, REI has been a great partner in encouraging people to enjoy the Smokies on foot,” said Ms. Demuth. “Their support for the seasonal trail crew will help us utilize a lot of great volunteers, and the mobile tool shed will help immediately and for many years to come.”

The Trails Forever campaign is an effort by Friends of the Smokies to create a permanent fund to support major trail improvements each year on the park’s 800 miles of trails. To donate to Trails Forever or to learn more about volunteer opportunities, go online to or call Friends of the Smokies at (800) 845-5665.


Thank you REI for your contribution.
Trails Forever is making a big difference in rehabilitating trails in the Smokies. See what they've done at Forney Ridge. The Park just doesn't have the money to do this major trail work.
Danny Bernstein

What a great company!! We will make an effort to support them .Thanks REI!!!

Thank you, REI!!! I knew there was yet another reason we were members there.  That's putting their money where their mouth is.  Proud to support them.

Thank you, NPT, for featuring this great grant, and the importance of Trails Forever!

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