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Glacier National Park Fund Underwrites 14 Projects In Glacier National Park


Trail work, citizen science, wildlife research, and studying the stars above are some of the 14 projects that the Glacier National Park Fund is underwriting in the park in the coming year.

The roughly $150,000 in funding comes from the sale of the Montana Glacier National Park specialty license plate, along with support from annual donors.  The Glacier Fund’s trustees have worked with the park to allocate these donations. 

In their effort to enhance visitor experiences for current and future generations and preserve Glacier National Park’s pristine beauty and unspoiled wilderness, the Fund receives private philanthropic donations from individuals and businesses throughout the Flathead Valley, across Montana and the entire country and even from some foreign visitors to Glacier.

While the Fund was created in 1999 as the Park’s designated philanthropic partner, the history of private/public partnerships has a long history in Glacier National Park.
“We are fortunate to have so many donors who love Glacier National Park and understand the importance of giving back to ensure that we can enjoy into the future what we have enjoyed in the past.” says Jane Ratzlaff, the Fund's executive director.

The 14 projects made possible by the Glacier Fund:

* Avalanche Lake Trail Rehabilitation

* Promote Youth and Adult Citizen Science

* Wireless Water Tank Monitoring System

* Bear-Proof Food Storage Boxes

* Roadway Sign Inventory Management

* Ptarmigan Trail Rock Walls and Trail Rehabilitation

* A Fisher Survey

* Winter Ecology School Program Interns

* Girl Scouts of the USA Centennial Service Program

* An On-Line Citizen Science Program

* Half the Park Happens after Dark – Astronomy Program

* Discovery Cabin and Teacher-Ranger-Teacher Program

* Going-to-the-Sun Road Podcasts

* A Wildlife Sighting Notebook

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