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Furnace Creek Campground At Death Valley National Park To Close For Water, Sewer Line Work


The winter months are some of the best for visiting Death Valley National Park thanks to the cooler temperatures and the wildflower bloom that arrives as early as February. But if you're planning to pitch a tent at the Furnace Creek Campground in the coming months, you'll need to alter your plans.

The campground is scheduled to close on February 12 so crews can begin work on replacing water and sewer lines there. The goal is to get that work done before the summer travel season.

According to park officials, if you already have a reservation for the Furnace Creek Campground for the coming months, you'll be offered sites at either the Texas Springs or Sunset campgrounds across the street.

Park officials say the campground kiosks will be staffed during normal business hours for Texas Springs/Sunset campgrounds from February 1st- April 15th, when they close for the summer.


I always camp at Sunset anyway.  I like being up on the hill and the Furnace Creek one is down in the bottem land and it gets a heck of a lot of wind also if a flash flood comes up I rather be on the hill then down there where the water is.

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