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Historic Hoffman House At Cedar Creek and Belle Grove National Historical Park To Open For Holidays


Though it was built around 1797, the Hoffman House has been kept in wonderful condition. NPS photo.

It might not look it from the outside, but the Hoffman House that's associated with the Cedar Creek and Belle Grove National Historical Park is more than two centuries old. And yet, it's in remarkable condition.

That is due, of course, to the restoration and maintenance it has received from the Hoffman family down through the years. And in partnership with the National Park Service, family representatives will be on hand for a special open house in Middletown, Virginia, on December 10 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The Hoffman House, constructed circa 1797, is one of the oldest and most well-preserved homes in Middletown. Located at 7827 Main Street, the house is privately owned. Inside you'll find original furniture, household tools, appliances, clothing and personal family items, all dating from the late 18th century through the 20th century. Indeed, the house is a virtual "time-capsule" of Middletown's long and rich history.

Only open periodically, the upcoming event allows the general public a rare opportunity to step back in time and glimpse earlier periods of Shenandoah Valley history. The house will be decorated for the holidays, following the local mid-19th century traditions of the Shenandoah Valley and light refreshments will be served. A Park Service ranger, along with Hoffman family members and friends, will host visitors, provide information on the house and historic Middletown and answer questions.

Additionally, a special ranger program, "War Comes to the Shenandoah Valley,"will be presented at the house at 12:00 p.m. This 45-minute program will look at the tremendous impacts the Civil War had on the valley and its residents.

Cedar Creek and Belle Grove National Historical Park is a partnership park that commemorates a nationally significant Civil War landscape and antebellum plantation, by sharing the story of Shenandoah Valley history from early settlement through the Civil War and beyond.

For further information contact Cedar Creek and Belle Grove National Historical Park at (540) 868-9176.

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