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Firefighters Staying Busy In Yellowstone National Park


Firefighters are staying busy this month in Yellowstone National Park, where they have successfully contained one fire while fire bosses are keeping an eye on several others.

Officials this morning announced that the "Trischman Fire" located south of the Old Faithful complex was fully contained. Sixteen smokejumpers supported by Yellowstone's Lama Helicopter suppressed the fire during the past 48 hours due to the available fuel load and potential impact to populated park areas.  The three-acre, lightning caused fire had been located in a remote area 4.5 miles west of Shoshone Lake and 6 miles southwest of Old Faithful.

Five other lightning-caused wildland fires, managed as the Heart Complex, continue to burn in the park's backcountry.

* The Point Fire on the eastern shore of Yellowstone Lake is approximately 1,100 acres and continues to burn in pockets of dead and down timber. Several spots burning in the northeast corner of the fire close to the site of the 2003 East Fire created a significant amount of smoke over the lake area, which has also been visible from the East Entrance road over the past several days.  Crews continue to monitor the fire and provide protection for the Clear Creek Cabin.  The Thorofare Trail remains closed from the Nine Mile Trailhead to one mile south of the fire area.

* Four other small fires, the Gibbon, Ouzel, Huckleberry and Pitchstone, are being managed to allow natural processes to occur to enhance the area’s natural resources, to protect people and property, and to effectively use available firefighting resources.

Other than limited temporary closures of some backcountry campsites and hiking trails, all park entrances, roads and services are open. None of these fires poses a threat to park visitors.  When actively burning, smoke from any of these fires may be visible from park roadways.

Updated information is available 24-hours a day by calling 307-344-2580, or on the web at The Point Fire may also be observed from the Fire Lookout web cam on Mount Washburn at

The fire danger rating in Yellowstone is currently “Very High.”  Scattered rain and isolated thunderstorms are predicted this next week, with temperatures in the high 60s during the day and near freezing at night. Visitors are encouraged to be careful with campfires, grills, camp stoves and smoking materials. The latest information on backcountry access is available at park visitor centers or backcountry offices.

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