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Highline Trail In Glacier National Park Now Open For Hikers, But Watch Your Footing!



The popular Highline Trail at Logan Pass in Glacier National Park is now open, but it's still covered by ice and snow in places, so watch your footing!

Park officials say snow drifts exist in areas of the trail and drop-offs between the edge of a drift and the trail exist in some locations. 

"It is recommended to hike with appropriate hiking and self-arrest equipment, including an ice axe, hiking poles, appropriate boots, and knowledge on how to use the equipment, and awareness of individual hiking skills and limitations," a park news release issued Friday said.

"All hikers are encouraged to turn around if conditions exceed what is comfortable or beyond personal experience and limitations," it added.

Elsewhere in Glacier, rangers say many of the trails at higher elevations have snow and you need to be prepared for those conditions and plan accordingly.

A great resource on current trail conditions can be found on the park's website on this page.

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