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Entire Rim Road At Crater Lake National Park Now Open


The entire 33-mile Rim Drive around Crater Lake is now open for traffic. Photo of view from Crater Lake Lodge by David and Kay Scott.

It's been a long time coming this year, but the entire 33-mile Rim Drive at Crater Lake National Park is now open for your enjoyment.

The road that circles Crater Lake opened Sunday. All of the park's facilities, including the 16-site Lost Creek Campground, are now open.

According to park officials, "visitors can enjoy the spectacular views of Crater Lake from many vista points along this scenic drive and escape the heat of lower elevations. Wildflowers are beginning to emerge as the snow continues to melt, but there is still plenty persisting for a few snowballs!"

The Cleetwood Trail down to the lakeshore also is open, as is part of the trail to Garfield Peak. However, most park trails are still covered with snow and downed trees and branches, according to staff.

"Be aware that the Cleetwood Cove area is under construction this summer as a new bulkhead structure is installed. (The "bulkhead" is critical to secure the docks used for boat tours and lake research.)," a park release says. "Access to the lakeshore for fishing and swimming is limited this year, and there may be delays getting through the gates that are set up to provide safe passage through the construction zone."

Boat tours of the lake have begun for the season. However, you're advised by park officials to be careful as, due to construction, access to the tour boat dock is down a series of very steep stairs. Please arrive early for tours and use extreme caution when descending or ascending the steep stairway.

For more information on facilities, services, trail conditions and park interpretive programs, please call 541-594-3000.


Ahhh, there is no blue like Crater Lake blue...

Might be nice if you folks mentioned what state Crater Lake is in. Not everyone is from the great Pacific Northwest like me. Wouldn't want anyone to miss this most beautiful of places in Oregon. I am from Washington, 40 miles north of Seattle, very small town of Snohomish.

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