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Donate to the North Cascades Institute On Thursday And Your Gift Will Help Youth Experience North Cascades National Park


Make a contribution to the North Cascades Institute on Thursday and your donation will grow through a match from the Seattle Foundation.

Connecting youth with North Cascades National Park is the goal of a fund-raising campaign on Thursday that lets you donate to the North Cascades Institute and watch your donation grow through matching funds.

The campaign is being run through the Seattle Foundation, a community based nonprofit whose goal is "to create a healthy community through engaged philanthropy, community
knowledge and leadership. We inspire informed and generous giving to make our community—local, national and international—a vital and healthy place to live."

On Thursday, during its GiveBig event, the foundation will provide a match to donations to the North Cascades Institute made between 7 a.m. and midnight, local time. 
All donations to institute must be made with a credit/debit card through the organization's profile on The Seattle Foundation's online Giving Center.

You can find a link to that page here.

According to a release from the institute, your gift "will help more than 200 teenagers participate in our summer youth programs in the North Cascades – including Cascades Climate Challenge, North Cascades Wild and our Youth Leadership Conference – and more than 1,000 young people attend Mountain School this coming fall. These kids simply would not have the opportunity to learn about the environment – and go home to teach others – without your support."

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