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The Skiing's Good At Acadia National Park


The skiing's been pretty good at Acadia National Park, as evidenced by these photos taken last weekend near Witch Hole Pond. Photos by Aimee Beal.

So many folks view Acadia National Park as a summer destination, but winter can be a great season in the park as well if you enjoy cross-country skiing or snowshoeing.

Recent storms have left a good base of snow on the park's carriage roads, and visitors have turned out to enjoy the setting on both skate skis and traditional kick-and-glide cross-country skis as well as snowshoes.

The accompanying photos were taken last weekend at Witch Hole Pond. One spot to access the carriage roads for skiing or snowshoeing is the parking area along Duck Brook.

Grooming of the carriage roads is handled by volunteers from the Acadia Winter Trails Association, which is underwritten by Friends of Acadia.


I wish I was in shape to do that! Those carriage roads cover a lot of territory.

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