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Peeking Inside The Rangers Club At Yosemite National Park


Take a few minutes to explore the Rangers Club at Yosemite National Park. Screenshots pulled from Yosemite Nature Notes.

Need a reason to become a National Park Service ranger? Some get to live in really cool accommodations, such as the Rangers Club at Yosemite National Park.

Of course, not every park offers such historically rich accommodations in such picturesque settings. But it's nice to dream, no?

The following video by Steven M. Bumgardner is the latest installment of Yosemite Nature Notes. Enjoy!


Such a wonderful video showing something I entirely missed this past summer. Had I seen this video sooner, I would have inquired at the Club about the letter in "The White Tower" book. The family name "Baum" appeared there. That is my family name on my mother's side. It makes me wonder if the letter was written by my grandfather. How can I find out?

It's great to see that the Ranger Club is still there.

I just realized as I watched the video that when I worked in YOSE, I was inside the Rangers Club only once or twice. What a privilege it would have been to have been able to live there.

Steve Bumgardner, thank you for this tour! Every time I watch one of your videos of Yosemite, I'm reminded how little I know of a place where I once worked and lived and enjoyed.

And to all of you who make NP Traveler possible -- sincere thanks to you, as well.

The name on the letter is Herbert Baum, of the Franklin Life Insurance Co., in San Francisco, dated 1946

I appreciate you posting and sharing, and also that you reach back to my German roots and spell my name more correctly than it actually is, but alas, I'm just a bum(gardner)

Everyone else-
I'm glad you enjoy my Valentine to the Rangers' Club!

What a tremendous facility for the Yosemite Rangers! Living anywhere else in the park, with the possible exception of the Ahwanee, would be a comedown. I visited Yosemite with my Dad several times and on my own, but never heard of the Rangers' Club. Wish I had had a chance to see it personally, but the video is a fine substitute.

Steve, perhaps it's my own Germanic background that subconsciously makes me want to rename you. I know this isn't the first time, and, unfortunately, might not be the last. Perhaps it'd be better if you did indeed change the spelling;-)

My apologies.

It's nice to see a photo of my former room (second floor, first window on the left of the three above the back porch). This video brings back fond memories of people and experiences during the two years I was privileged to work in Yosemite National Park and live in the Mather Ranger Club of Yosemite Valley. Special mention should be given to the memory and legacy of an African American lady who served as the care taker of this historic building during the 1960s and early 1970's, Ms. Bertha Allen.

Steve, I would like to add my thanks for the excellent job you are doing by producing these video " Yosemite Nature Notes." They are truly outstanding examples of what the NPS can do in Yosemite and at other sites to effectively interpret park resources to a public located far beyond the park's borders. I found the Yosemite Nature Note video of the hike to Half Dome to be especially effective, as was the more recent video interpreting the Mt. Lyell Glacier. The present "Valentine to the Mather Ranger Club" brought back vivid memories from two very influrential years of my life. I'm sure many other present and former occupants of this historic structure would have similar thoughts to share.

Owen Hoffman, former Yosemite park ranger-naturalist (1969-71).

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