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Zion National Park's Shuttle Buses Operating Through November on Optional Basis


Free shuttle buses will run in Zion Canyon in Zion National Park on weekends through November. NPS photo.

While mandatory shuttle bus service into Zion Canyon at Zion National Park ended at the end of October, the popular shuttles will continue on an optional basis Saturdays and Sundays through the end of November.

Shuttle service with extended hours and faster service will also be offered on Thanksgiving Day, November 25 and Friday, November 26, according to park officials. But all shuttle bus operations will end for the 2010 season on the evening of November 28.

Parking congestion in Zion Canyon during the month of November has been steadily increasing each year as more people discover the delights of beautiful weather and striking fall colors, park officials said in a news release. During the voluntary shuttle service, visitors are encouraged to park at the Zion Canyon Visitor Center and board a shuttle bus. Shuttle buses will not be running in Springdale.

The buses will start service from the Zion Canyon Visitor Center at 10 a.m. The last bus will leave the Temple of Sinawava at 5:30 p.m., the Lodge at 5:44 p.m., and arrive at the Zion Canyon Visitor Center at 6 p.m. Shuttle service frequency will be approximately every 14 minutes. Round trips from the Zion Canyon Visitor Center to the Temple of Sinawava will take about 70 minutes.

For Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, shuttle service will run one hour later in the evening. The shuttle frequency will be every 8 minutes on those days.

As in the mandatory shuttle season, there is no charge for riding the shuttle buses. There are eight stops along the route and visitors may get on and off as many times as they want. Buses are fully accessible and pets are not allowed.

Visitors are encouraged to use the shuttle system to enhance their enjoyment of Zion Canyon without parking hassles. Those who do not use the buses are asked to park only in designated parking places along the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive. Do not block or obstruct the shuttle stops, access to the stops, or the main roadway. Parking regulations will be strictly enforced.

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