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Rocky Mountain Nature Association Releases Its List of 2011 Field Courses in Rocky Mountain National Park


Go on-line now to check out the 2011 list of field courses in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Start dreaming and planning.

You can now go on-line to check out the 2011 field course list of offerings from the Rocky Mountain Nature Association. These field courses conducted in Rocky Mountain National Park offer the usual photography and backpacking courses, as well as some eye-openers, such as the children's overnight birding camp.

Kids will enjoy learning about birds during this 3 day, over-night camp which will include bird identification and behavior, habitat exploration, interactive games, hiking and other fun activities. Spend evenings listening for owls, enjoying a campfire, and relaxing with new friends. Day-time activities will include excursions into Rocky Mountain National Park to look for birds like warblers, hummingbirds, and eagles. This course is perfect for the beginning birder, so bring your binoculars and join in the fun!

Another new trek the nature association is offering is an 11-day field trip abroad, to Poland's Tatra Mountains National Park, which is a sister park to Rocky Mountain National Park.

A unique adventure awaits those who participate in this eco-tour designed to introduce folks to a European national park and its surrounding cultural and natural landscapes. Explore the Polish Tatrznski National Park to learn more about the sister park connection it holds with Rocky Mountain National Park. Begin your journey in Prague; then travel by motorcoach to Zakopane, a tourist destination town nestled within the Tatra Mountains just outside the national park. Learn about the flora, fauna, and geologic history of the region on guided hiking, rafting, and caving adventures. Also, visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine known as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage monument and one of the most renowned attractions in the Krakow area.

You don't have to wait months to attend one of these courses, either, as a number of snowshoeing field trips for families are penciled in January, February, and March, and there's also a winter photography course planned for March.

You can even contact the nature association with a course tailored to your family or group.

If something strikes your fancy, don't delay, as these courses can fill quickly. You can line up a course or gain more information by calling the association at 970-586 3262.


I signed up for several field trips in April (have volunteered to help out at a "birding camp" this summer and want all the experience I can get), but my 1st choice, the owl trip with Scott Rashid, was full. I'm first on the waiting list, and hoping! Scott was out at our home installing a sawwhet owl house, and commented that his ideal size for a "group" would be 4. The group size is 14. What I'm wondering, especially if others are now on the wait list, is if it would be possible to create two (smaller) groups, which it appeared he'd be happy to do. Obviously, I'm still trying to get into that course!

Thanks, kathy

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