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Angels Landing in Zion National Park Will be Closed For Repairs in mid-September


Hiking trails leading up to Angels Landing will be closed for various periods later this month so crews can make improvements to the at-times-harrowing route. Photo by QT Luong,, used with permission.

Angels Landing, one of the most sought-out destinations in Zion National Park, will be temporarily closed later this month so route improvements can be made along the occasionally harrowing route to the top of the landing.

Zion Superintendent Jock Whitworth said Friday that the Angels Landing hiking route and all climbing routes on that rock formation will close for various stretches so crews can make route improvements including re-chiseling of existing steps, drilling and installing new posts and chains in some areas to better delineate the route, and adding dry stone masonry to improve footing.

The initial closure, which is scheduled for September 15-16 and September 20-23, is necessary due to helicopter activity in the area, movement of materials and equipment, and for visitor and work crew safety while work is in progress on the narrow route, the superintendent said.

Specifically, he said the West Rim Trail will be closed from the Grotto to Scout Lookout. The Angels Landing route will also be closed from Scout Lookout to the summit of Angels Landing. All climbing routes on the cliff faces of Angels Landing will also be closed for those time periods.

From September 27 to October 14, the Angels Landing route from Scout Lookout to the summit and climbing routes on the Angels Landing cliff faces will be closed Mondays through Thursdays, according to Superintendent Whitworth. However, he added that the Angels Landing route and climbing routes will be open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The West Rim Trail from the Grotto trailhead will be open at all times for those hikers wishing to visit Scout Lookout or the West Rim of Zion Canyo, the superintendent said.

Alternate hikes with similar views are available on the Observation Point and East Rim trails. When open, the West Rim trail to Scout Lookout and further up to the canyon rim is also very rewarding. Rangers at any of the park visitor contact stations can help with alternate trip planning or you can visit the park website at


Good. And hopefully this work will enhance safety while not eliminating the sense of adventure which helps make the Angel's Landing hike so rewarding. Turning it into a sanitized, sterilized walk in the park path would destroy much of its appeal.

I hope the work will also include installation of some safety signs that point out the need for proper footwear, water, caution and other factors hikers -- who are too often ill prepared for the journey -- need to know.

Then, if someone chooses to ignore the cautions and proceed to their death, the responsibility would rest where it belongs.

I agree with adding the stone masonry to improve footing. When I went, I was wearing th eproper footwear and I still slipped on the fine sand covering the stones. I came very close to being the 3rd person to fall last summer. I can't imagine how people go up and down that trail with sandals when my hiking boots barely had traction.

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