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Reprise of Winter Briefly Closes Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park


Ahh, summers in the Rocky Mountains. They're gorgeous and always surprising. Why, just last night a brief reprise of winter closed the Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park.

According to park officials, at 10:30 p.m. Wednesday the road was temporarily closed at Milner Pass on the west side of the park and Rainbow Curve on the east side of the park due to snow and poor visibility.

"Due to the major road construction work on Trail Ridge Road, there are currently no fog lines or center lines on a large section of the road above treeline," the park said in explaining the closure. "This is a temporary closure that will continue through the night. People are encouraged to call the Trail Ridge Road Recorded Information Line at (970) 586-1222 for a current update of the status of the road."


I'll be interested to see if the weather had an influence on the plane crash there?

Good call to close the road that night. I drove Trail Ridge Road that night. We left Hidden Valley at about 8pm on our way back to Granby and it started ok, but visibility due to fog/cloud cover made it an extremely tough drive. The construction stretch was at no more than 5mph and it wasn't snowing yet. We came into a patch of clear air just east of the Alpine Visitor Center and there was a long line of elk moving next to the road. Once we passed Many Parks Curve the sky cleared out to bright stars.

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