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Motorists in Mount Rainier National Park Will Face Cycling Delays on Thursday


A novel bicycle ride -- Ride Around Mount Rainier in One Day -- likely will cause some delays for motorists in Mount Rainier National Park on Thursday.

The bike event, sponsored by the Redmond Cycling Club and now in its 27th year, will bring 800 cyclists through a portion of the national park.

"Motorists coming to the park that day should expect some traffic delays, congestion around designated checkpoints and support areas, and long lines of bicyclists sharing the roadway," park officials said in a release.

The ride originates and ends in Enumclaw, Washington. Riders will pass through Eatonville and will head toward the park on State Route 706. After entering the park at the Nisqually Entrance, they will proceed up the Paradise Road to the junction with the Stevens Canyon Road. The route continues east on Stevens Canyon Road to State Route 123 and north on State Route 123 over Cayuse Pass. The last leg of the ride follows State Route 410 westbound for a return to Enumclaw.

Park roads and facilities will remain open to the general public while the one-day ride is being conducted. Drivers and pedestrians are cautioned that bicyclists in large numbers will be sharing park roadways including the road east from Nisqually Entrance, Stevens Canyon Road, SR 123 and SR 410 throughout the day. Slow traffic along the ride route should be expected, as road shoulders are narrow or non-existent along many sections. Drivers may encounter bicyclists walking their bikes up the long grade or riding slowly to maintain control over sections of the roadway. Motorists are requested to use extra care when passing bicyclists, and to do so only when there is sufficient road clearance and an unimpeded line of sight to do so safely.

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