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Canoeists, Kayakers Invited To Explore Jamaica Bay at Gateway National Recreation Area


There will be a day to celebrate paddling on Jamaica Bay in Gateway National Recreation Area on July 17.

While the current heat wave blistering the East Coast shouldn't last much longer, mid-July is still a great time to go canoeing or kayaking at Gateway National Recreation Area. And on July 17 there will be an outing to explore the NRA's Jamaica Bay.

The outing will be led by the Sebago Canoe Club. The “All Club Invitational” day of paddling will get under way at 10 a.m. -- rain or shine -- and run until 5 p.m.. Directions to the starting point can be found at this site. The event is viewed as "a celebration of human-powered boaters," and there will be guided trips available to learn about the 16,000 acres of islands, salt marshes, beaches and wildlife diversity within Jamaica Bay.

Boaters -- who must provide their own boats -- have the option to explore the bay on their own, or join the many guided trips into the bay escorted by a Sebago member. Information on landing sites and the harbor estuary system will be provided by partner organizations. The event is free and the Sebago Club will provide food and drink all day long for all who want to participate. Water and snacks should be brought when boating on the water.

Reservations are not required, but individuals should email the club immediately so it can plan for the appropriate amount of parking, food and drink. Boats are not available and will not be loaned. Plan accordingly.

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