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Digital Photography Workshops Offered This Summer in Lassen Volcanic National Park


Photo of Devil's Kitchen by Bob Grace, instructor for the upcoming ditigal photography workshop.

If you're looking for some digital photography instruction from a pro and want to make a trip to Lassen Volcanic National Park in California this summer, two upcoming workshops could be a chance to sharpen your skills in a park with plenty of subjects for great photos.

The digital photography workshops are being offered by the Lassen Association, the nonprofit partner established in 1939 to support and assist Lassen Volcanic National Park in research, interpretation, and conservation programs.

The sessions will be conducted July 9-11 in the Manzanita Lake area of the park and August 27- 29 in the Warner Valley and Drakesbad areas. If you're not familiar with the park's geography, you'll find maps and other information about Lassen on the park website.

Instructor for the workshops will be Bob Grace, who spent 30 years as a California State Park Ranger before beginning work as a professional assignment photographer in 2000. According to the Lassen Association, "His work has appeared in books, magazines, newspapers, and websites as well as in several prestigious exhibitions. During his years as a California State Park Ranger he developed his own personal sense of environmental place while gaining knowledge of local flora, fauna, and resource protection. He brings many levels of skill and experience photographing the natural and cultural world to his outdoor classroom." If you'd like to see some sample of his work before signing up for the workshop, check out his website.

Material covered during the sessions will include understanding composition and lighting, sunrise shoot including camera shooting techniques, Photoshop demonstrations, computer-based shoot planning, Adobe camera raw workflow, sunset shoot with light painting demo, shooting and processing panoramas, shooting and processing HDR and image review and critique.

Registration is open to anyone age 18 and above. Fees are $350.00 per course "including pre-trip planning help, course registration, course materials, park entrance fee and two and a half days of professional instruction. Participants are responsible for providing their personal SLR digital photography camera and gear, food, lodging, and transportation."

Additional information about the digital photography workshops is available on the Lassen Association website.

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