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Reader Participation Day: Has Arizona's Approach To Controlling Illegal Immigrants Led You To Cancel a Grand Canyon Trip?


The Grand Canyon, as viewed from Mohave Point. NPS photo.

Are you rethinking that trip to the Grand Canyon or Saguaro National Park due to the approach Arizona officials are taking towards illegal immigration?

Arizona's move to require police to check anyone's U.S. residency status if it might be in doubt is drawing quite a bit of criticism. Already there's some evidence that folks from outside Arizona who oppose the law are canceling trips to the Grand Canyon State.

Are you?


We are planning a trip next year to Arizona and never considered any impact from the new law. You can have a camera on the street taking my picture and I am fine with it because I have nothing to hide and more so I welcome it because it improves my security just as a police officer asking to see my license to prove that I live here does not bother me because I have nothing to hide and it also improves my security. As one official put it "illegal is illegal" and the situation warrants swift strong action.

I think its about time someone did something about illegal immigrants. The word says it all - illegal. They are illegal. They have no business coming to our country unless they do it the way our forefathers did; through the proper legal channels. If its good enough for the rest of us why is it we have to bend, break our rules for those slithering across the border. I think it will definitely bring down crime in Arizona, eventually. And I have to show my ID when I do almost everything including using my credit card, if I got stopped by a police officer, etc., so for them to protest that it will be racial profiling is ridiculous. In a world where terrorists could be sitting next to you on an airplane, everyone needs to show ID's wherever they go; if you are protesting that its because you have something to hide. Illegals are costing our country so much in tax revenue, health care and other resources, we just can't sustain it or them.

And the man running for Governor of Alabama has it right. We speak English in this country, and should not have to spend millions of our tax dollars to put everything into other languages to accomodate those who cannot or more importantly will not learn to speak English.

We didn't have an Arizona trip planned, but certainly wouldn't cancel it if we did. I see the potential for abuse under the law but I also fully understand the desperation of residents of border areas. There's not going to be an easy answer, but it must be addressed immediately. I've been somewhat leery of a planned trip to Big Bend (yes, I know that's not in Arizona!) because of border violence issues.

Didn't have plans to visit Arizona before but certain will now.

Given the combination of Vermont carry and the state making a serious effort to combat illegal immigration my family is considering moving to Arizona. We've scheduled a trip to Page AZ as a result. There is no question that we'll visit the Grand Canyon for a few days during this time.

I had firm plans to finally do some serious photography in the Southwest over the next couple years - these plans are now on indefinite hold. There are plenty of other beautiful places to visit, photograph, and spend my money.

I just canceled a trip to Flagstaff

Arizona trip has been on the bucket list for a while, considered going this year, but will postpone indefinitely now. I have traveled outside the US in countries where I had to carry both birth certificate and passport through the market, and was still stopped by police with semi-automatics. I certainly don't plan to spend my money in a state paving the way for similar circumstances.

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