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Heavy Rains and Flash Floods Lead to Backcountry Road Closings at Big Bend National Park


At Big Bend National Park, heavy rains and flooding have forced the closing of some backcountry roads. Motorists intending to use the park’s roads in the near future should be sure to check with the park for updated road condition information.

This morning -- Friday, April 16 – Big Bend's Chief Ranger, Allen Etheridge, reported that:

The park was hit on Wednesday night by high winds, hail and rain – up to three inches in places, a significant amount for the desert. As of Thursday morning, main roads into the park and the main visitor center were open, but all backcountry roads and dirt roads were closed and impassable. Some paved roads were also closed due to high water and flash flood debris…..More rain was in the forecast.

As of early Friday, some of the park’s backcountry roads (including, for example, the Old Maverick, Hot Springs, and River Roads) remained closed and some of the park’s paved road sections were affected. Motorists planning to visit the park in the near future should be sure check with the park for updated road condition information and plan accordingly.

To get updated road information online, visit the park’s Daily Reports website and click on “Backcountry Road Conditions.” For more detailed information about specific roads or road segments, phone the park’s main number (432-477-2251), select extension “0”, and direct your road condition questions to the Dispatcher.

People intending to visit the park during the monsoon season (typically from about July 1 to September 30) are reminded that they should check DAILY at a visitor center for road conditions, which can change abruptly and without warning due to heavy rains and associated flooding

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