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Frazil Ice On the Run in Yosemite National Park


Frazil ice on the run in Yosemite National Park. Screen image from Yosemite Nature Notes by Steven Bumgardner.

Frazil ice. What the heck is that? If you've been to Yosemite National Park in the past couple of weeks, you might know. If not, check out this video by Steven Bumgardner.

Steve is the video-meister at Yosemite, though he occasionally travels to other parks to capture and explain nature. This program on frazil ice is one of many he produces for Yosemite Nature Notes.


Love this video--love that the frazil ice takes out bridges and boardwalks that should not have been built in the Lower Yosemite Creek drainiage in the first place. Thanks for the show!!

Great video! I also thought that the ice in Yos Creek was from the snow cone breaking up.

My family would love to see the frazil ice this spring, would it be better to go in March or April? Thanks also for the video, wonderful to see!

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