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National Park Mystery Photo 19: My, What Nice Stripes You Have!

Where within the 392-unit National Park System was this photograph snapped?

OK, guessing where this National Park System mystery photo was taken will either be really easy, or a killer. Let the guessing begin, and if it becomes a huge struggle we'll drop in some hints. But not too many.


Tough one. It is hard to tell whether it it streaks of water or something else?
I am going to guess Weeping Rock in Zion National Park.

Sorry, Eric, it's not Weeping Rock.

Looks like dark patina from runoff on sandstone. Can be everywhere on the Colorado plateau. Canyon de Chelly has such walls for example, as well as Canyonlands or Arches.

Devil's Tower?

Sorry, it's not Devil's Tower either.

Desert varnish

It is indeed desert varnish, and it could be anywhere on the Colorado Plateau. But it's a very specific spot that is famous with some national park travelers....

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