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Share Your National Park Photos on Traveler's Flickr Site


We've made it easier for you to share your favorite national park photos with other travelers. You now can upload your photos to the Traveler's Flickr site, which you can find right here.

We've uploaded a small handful of photos to get things rolling, and encourage you to join the group to show off your work and admire other's efforts.


Well, I was going to upload some pics until I saw the rules about not using any of the seven dirty words. Guess I'll have to edit all my captions first. :)

Everyone who likes to show his or her photos might want to think about licenses. Flickr allows you to use the Creative Commons tool kit to build a license with fine grade of options, what third parties are allowed to do with your photo.

The default is "all rights reserved". There the usual law applies, you keep all the rights and retain full control.

If you feel like sharing, please read the help texts on licensing at Flickr how to make your pictures available for public reuse. You can for example allow non-profits to reuse your photo for non-commercial use, such as their website or a brochure (license tag: CC-by-nc-nd). Or you can decide to make your photo part of the "Free Content" idea and allow reuse by everyone for any purpose including creating derivatives of your picture, as long as your name is given along the use and any derivative becomes as free as the original. Pictures with this rule set (license tag: CC-by-sa) comply with the needs of Wikipedia and other projects of the Free Content movement. Your picture could be used on Wikipedia if you set the license accordingly.

So far, the pictures I've seen on the site are absolutely beautiful! Definitely an inspiration to me to get better with the camera. Looking forward to seeing more great photos.

We posted a few of our travel pictures on the Flickr site.
Slideshows are available on our website at

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