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Fishing, Boating, Surfing, Permits Available for Gateway National Recreation Area Beginning Feb. 1


You'll need a permit if you plan to try your hand at surf-fishing in Gateway National Recreation Area. NPS photo.

If you like to fish, paddle, surf, or drive an off-road vehicle around Gateway National Recreation Area in the greater New York-New Jersey metropolitan area, you can purchase your annual permits for such activities beginning Monday, February 1.

"We look forward to another year of great recreational opportunities at the park," said Superintendent Barry Sullivan. "Now is a good time to plan ahead and get your fishing, off-beach access, boating and other activity permits."

At the Jamaica Bay Unit of the park, fishing, off-road beach access, kayak and canoe launch, and surfing permits will be available. Visitors can purchase these permits at the Ranger Station (Building 135) at the entrance to Floyd Bennett Field, just north of the Marine Parkway Bridge on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. Permits will no longer be sold at the Riis Park Bathhouse. The Ranger Station is currently open daily, from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. but will be closed on Mondays from February 15th through March 31st. For more information about Jamaica Bay Unit permits and their availability call (718) 338-3799.

The Gateway fishing permit is required at all fishing sites in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, and for night fishing at Sandy Hook, NJ. Gateway fishing permits are also sold at the Sandy Hook Unit at the Sandy Hook Visitor Center (Open 10 AM -5 PM daily) and the Sandy Hook Ranger Station (24 hours, daily). Call the Sandy Hook Unit at (732) 872-5970 or the Staten Island Unit at (718) 987-6790 for information on fishing permit sales at those locations.

For detailed information about other Staten Island Unit visitor activity permits call the Miller Field Ranger Station at (718) 351-6970 or the Great Kills Ranger Station at (718) 987-6790.

The cost for the activity permits for is $50 each. The 2010 permits can be obtained in-person only by check, cash or money order. The permits are valid for the calendar year.

New York State now requires all anglers to obtain a New York State Marine Fishing License to fish in any waters within New York State. A valid 2010 license must be presented in order to purchase the Gateway NRA fishing permit. Locations to purchase that permit may be found by calling 311 or visiting the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation website at


There are no permits required for fishing at Gateway, as far as I understand it. Permits for parking in lots near designated fishing areas are required, however.

Anonymous, here's what the park's website says re fishing permits:

The Gateway Fishing Permit is required at all fishing sites in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, and for night fishing at Sandy Hook. It is an annual permit good for the calendar year. The cost is $50 and the permit may be purchased at any of the park Units.

Absolutely appalling. Conditions at Gateway are indescribable. North section beach has a nickname of Jingle Beach, because all the broken glass jingles with each wave, trash through out the area, on the shore, in the parking areas, in the fields, my nieces call gateway the yucky beach. Rats are abundant through out. The NPS and NYC should be ashamed of Gateway, i thought about launching my kayak from there, but after seeing the shoreline, you would need boots in order not to get cut from glass. Its an Absolute disgrace

I was very disappointed to find out Gateway discontinued the off road surfing permits for the Breezy Point tip this year, now with a surfing permit you have to park in the fishermans lot and walk miles to access the point and one of the best surf breaks in the area. In 2009 we enjoyed parking in the sand lot and surfing the uncroweded, natural beach break at Breezy. It is not worth 50$ to park in the 245th street lot and have to walk all the way to the beach.
I wish they would bring back the off road surfing permits.

I was very disappointed to learn of this $50 fishing permit. That is too pricey. I already bought the new $10 marines license that's supposed to grant you access to all salt waters in America. Either the fishing is that good here or don't want anyone fishing here at this spot. Which is it?

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