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Where Can You Go to Get Your Post-Ken Burns National Parks Fix?


Well, the big event is over. If you managed to make it through each and every minute of The National Parks: America's Best Idea, congratulations! If you're wanting more, read on to find out where you can get another fix of national parks.

Understandably, you can stay right here at the Traveler and read through our voluminous archives, which contain news, features, games, photos, podcasts, videos and who knows what else when it comes to national parks.

Or, you can skip on over to PBS's website, where you'll find another vault of national park information, stuff like bios on some of the personalities who figured so prominently in Ken Burns' film, chapters of history on the parks themselves, and video clips from the series as well as entire episodes that you can watch. Heck, you can even leave your own national park story on the site or place an order for the DVD itself or the accompanying book written by Dayton Duncan.

Another site to check out is one the National Park Service put together in anticipation of renewed interest in the parks thanks to the six-part series. Titled, appropriately enough, America's Best Idea Today, this website offers a little bit of everything, from protecting ecosystems in the National Park System and learning about history to explaining what the National Park Service is doing to foster the national park movement around the globe.


I will stay with your site, thanks for sharing your tidbits every day.

This site is the best resource for all updates and pertinent information regarding our national parks. None better for national park travel.

Yes, National Parks Traveler is really not bad, not bad at all. ;-)

You've got my vote! The new NPS site is great, but it's basically a promotion tool. If I wanted to skim the surface, I'd go surfing. You guys dive right in. Tell it like it is, I say.

And, if you're interested in a present day war of National Historic Preservation, take the time to learn about the effort to dismantle the Barnes Foundation in Merion, PA that is being spearheaded and financed by The Pew Trusts. Some say that Pew's "Barnes On The Parkway Project" is the greatest abuse of the public cultural trust since the land barons tries to stop the establishment of the National Parks. For more on Pew's and Pennsylvania's dirtiest little secret, check out or the documentary, "The Art of The Steal" - STOP PEW'S "BARNES ON THE PARKWAY PROJECT" - PRESERVE THE BARNES FOUNDATION IN MERION, PA

Also, don't forget to check out the incredible series on National Parks, Monuments and Historical Sites published by KC Publications...The real "Story Behind the Scenery"....

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