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From Traveler's “We Can’t Make This Stuff Up” Department: CALO Boaters and PFD Priorities


To prove that we didn’t make this one up, here is the item from the October 5, 2009, NPS Morning Report verbatim. We’ve only added the boldface.

Cape Lookout National Seashore (NC)
Visitors And Dog Rescued From Sinking Boat

On Wednesday, September 30th, staff at Harkers Island Visitor Center received a call reporting that a boat that was sinking offshore. No protection division rangers were in the area, so interpretive ranger Cheryl Munyan, who is a certified boat operator, transported local emergency medical technicians in an NPS boat to the location of the incident. Once there, it was determined that the occupants of the sinking boat had abandoned ship, but had since been picked up and were safely aboard a private boat. Although they weren’t wearing lifejackets, they did have one on their dog. Munyan transported the EMTs back to the VC boat basin so that they could evaluate the pair. Both occupants and their dog were released in good condition. A local ferry company recovered the submerged vessel. [Submitted by Russ Wilson, Superintendent]

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