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National Park Mystery Photo 14: You Might Know What This Is, But Where is It?


The "Mystery Photo" puzzler returns after a short hiatus, and with what the editor hopes will be a bit of a stumper.

Is it animal or fabricated, an artwork or utilitarian, a stand-alone or part of a collection? Not only must you correctly guess what it is, but also where it can be found in the National Park System.


My guess is: Brain coral. Biscayne National Park

extreme close-up, posterior shot of a Lynx. Rocky Mtn. National Park.

I'd never thought of that one, Anonymous. But, truthfully, Judy is closer...but only half right.

Brain Coral Virgin Islands National Park

Timpanogos Cave National Monument has fossil coral. Looks like fossil coral to me.

Cookie nailed it. But, for the bonus round, where in Virgin Islands National Park did I take this shot?

The answer comes tomorrow....

Gift shop? I don't think it looks healthy.

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