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Here's a Handy Website For Following National Park Issues Concerning World Heritage Sites


Quite a few U.S. national parks are listed as World Heritage Sites, and they're often in the news. There's a handy website out there run by the National Park Service's Office of International Affairs that can help you stay abreast of issues involving this sites.

What issues, you might wonder? Well, there are the concerns posed by a proposed mining operation that would go in near the headwaters of the Flathead River that flows along the western boundary of Glacier National Park. There are myriad issues ranging from ground-water pollution to a lack of groundwater confronting Everglades National Park. And back in the 1990s there was worry over a gold mine being planned for an area just outside Yellowstone National Park's northeastern entrance.

At OIA's blog on World Heritage issues you can find stories touching on such matters from various news outlets.

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