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National Park Mystery Spot 1: Joe DiMaggio and Babe Ruth Used It

National Park Mystery Spot 1 is somewhere in the National Park System. Can you identify it with just these five clues?

• It cost 50 cents to use it when it was opened in 1895.

• During Theodore Roosevelt's administration, survivors of a major disaster lived in tents there for a while.

• Thousands of trees were added to it during the Great Depression.

• Joe DiMaggio and Babe Ruth used it.

• It was Found on Post in 1964.

* Be sure to read "National Park Mystery Spot 1 Revealed" in tomorrow's Traveler for the answer and a full explanation of the clues.


Is it Muir Woods?

Not Muir Woods.

How about the Presidio golf course in Golden Gate N.P. Never played it. Is it still 50 cents?

You got it, Terry. Check in with Traveler tomorrow for an article that provides lots of information about the Presidio Golf Course, including green fees (which can cost $145+ for non-residents).

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