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National Park Mystery Photo 7: Who Was This Maiden?


History abounds throughout the National Park System. There are rare petroglyphs and pictographs to be found in the parks of the Southwest, American seafaring history along the Atlantic Coast, and even Civil Rights history in places like Mount Zion Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia.

But what about this object? Is it historic, or possibly even prehistoric? What drove the artist to sculpt this form? Where can you find it?


Hint, NPS'er Jon Jarvis will know the answer to this one!

Owen Hoffman
Oak Ridge, TN 37830

Lady of the Woods
Park Headquarters, Munson Valley, Crater Lake National Park - est: 1902

October 1 thru 19 1917 Lady of the Woods carved by Dr. Ralph Bush, a doctor with the Rim Road construction and survey crew. The man-created work of art is Dr. Bush’s desire for fulfillment: “The statue represents my offering to the forest, my interpretation of its stillness and response, its beauty, fascination and unseen life. Deep love of this virgin wilderness fastened itself upon me and remains to this day.” Name by Fred Kiser, photographer who built a photo studio on the Rim now being used as the Park’s Visitor Center.

The statue is about 3/4 life size.

August 1919 “Petrified” mummy of an Indian woman “discovered” one fourth mile from Government Camp. “Mummy” claimed by persons to be older than the Egyptian mummies. Turns out to be the “Lady of the Woods

Nicely done, Larry. You've got it. Be sure to read the followup article that's scheduled for tomorrow (Friday). It's got loads of additional interesting information about the Lady of the Woods.


Larry Smith is an expert on Crater Lake history.

See "Smith Brothers' Chronological History of Crater Lake National Park"

Owen Hoffman
Oak Ridge, TN 37830

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