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Middle Echo Canyon in Zion National Park Reopened to Visitors


Reduced ice and snow conditions in Middle Echo Canyon in Zion National Park have prompted the superintendent to reopen the canyon to canyoneers.

Superintendent Jock Whitworth in late May closed the canyon because too many hikers were getting in trouble and needing assistance. But rangers who entered the canyon on Thursday determined that the ice and snow conditions that had previously rendered the canyon impassable had subsided.

That said, canyoneers are reminded that backcountry permits are required for travel through this area of the park. Permits may be obtained at the Zion Canyon Visitor Center and the Kolob Canyons Visitor Center. Backcountry permit information may be obtained by visiting the park's website.

Visitors are also reminded that canyoneering is an inherently dangerous activity. Flash flooding is always a possibility in the park’s narrow canyons. Current canyon conditions, weather reports, and flash flood potential are critical pieces of information for determining if it is advisable to attempt a backcountry trip in Zion National Park. Your safety is your responsibility.

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