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Body Recovered in Grand Canyon National Park; Thought to Be That Of Missing Hiker


Rangers in Grand Canyon National Park have recovered a body in the Hermit Basin area of the park and believe it's that of a hiker who went missing over the Memorial Day weekend.

Search and rescue crews found the body, thought to be that of 69-year-old Robert A. Williams, Tuesday morning.

On May 26, park rangers received a report that Mr. Williams was overdue from his Memorial Day weekend plans, which had included hiking in the park. On May 27, after finding Mr. Williams’ vehicle on the South Rim, park rangers began searching a broad area—from Hermit Basin to the South Kaibab area—that could easily be accessed on foot or via shuttle from the point where Mr. Williams’ vehicle was found.

On May 29, park rangers were able to narrow their search to the Hermit Basin area based on information received after issuing a public request for assistance to anyone who had hiked in the park’s backcountry during the Memorial Day weekend.

On Monday, June 1, search personnel were once again in the Hermit Basin, using a spotting scope to check difficult to access scree slopes and cliff areas. Based on information received from the spotters, search crews Tuesday investigated an area one-quarter-mile south of Santa Maria springs. At approximately 10:00 a.m. searchers found Mr. Williams’ body located approximately 200 feet below the Hermit Trail.

The remains were transported by helicopter to the South Rim helibase where they were transferred to the Coconino County Medical Examiner.


Oh no! How very sad. Well, at least the family knows now; not knowing is so very difficult. My prayers are with them.

He should not have been alone.

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