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Fish Camp Cabin Rentals On Sale At Cape Lookout National Seashore


Cabins such as this one at the Great Island Cabin Camp are being rented at a 25 percent discount this summer. NPS photo.

A summer vacation at the beach is hard to beat. And now the folks at Cape Lookout National Seashore are making it more affordable than in recent years.

This summer seashore officials are knocking 25 percent off the fees for renting cabins at the Great Island Cabin Camp and at Long Point Cabin Camp. (The Great Island camp and its 21 cabins is on South Core Banks across from Davis, North Carolina, while the Long Point camp and its 20 cabins is on North Core Banks across from Atlantic, North Carolina.)

“Traditionally, the camps have been used by fishermen, especially during the spring and fall fishing seasons,” says Cape Lookout Superintendent Russel Wilson, “with the current economic uncertainty, many visitors are staying local, and so we decided to make a Core Banks vacation more affordable during the months when schools are out and the cabin camps have more vacancies.”

This discount runs from June 8 through September 1. It will automatically apply to those who have made previous reservations for this time period.

Now, these cabins, which sleep anywhere from four to 12 people and range in price from $73-$168 per night, are nothing special. Indeed, some might consider them fairly rustic. Each has bunk beds, a bathroom with shower, hot and cold running water, and a gas stove. Visitors must furnish their own cooking and eating utensils, linens, and ice chests (There are no refrigerators.)

Some cabins have electricity; at others visitors may bring their own generator or other light source. Before checking out, visitors are expected to clean the sinks and table, remove trash, and sweep the cabin. Pets are not permitted in the cabins.

Great Island and Long Point Cabin Camps open for the 2009 season on March 30, 2009. For cabin reservations please call the following numbers, Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM.

* Great Island Cabins: (252) 241-6783

* Long Point Cabins: (252) 732-4424

Ferry transportation is required to get to the camps. Reservations for the ferry should be made separately:

Great Island Ferry Reservations:

* Cape Lookout Cabins and Camps Ferry Service: (252) 729-9751

* Davis Shore Ferry Service: (252) 729-3474

Long Point Ferry Reservations:

*Morris Marina: (252) 225-4261

For more information, please call the Seashore office at (252) 728-2250 extension 3001.

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