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Yosemite National Park Officials Considering Improvements to Tioga Road Trails

Tenaya Lake, copyright Kurt Repanshek

Yosemite officials are getting down to work on how best to improve eight of 12 trailheads found along the Tioga Road. View of Tenaya Lake from Tioga Road by Kurt Repanshek.

Finally, a non-controversial topic. Or is it? Yosemite National Park officials are launching a study into how they can improve eight of 12 trails that have trailheads along the Tioga Road.

The goal is to not only protect sensitive natural and cultural resources along the trailheads, but to improve visitor safety, access, and enjoyment.

The environmental assessment being prepared for the analysis will take into account "alternative means to improve traffic and pedestrian travel patterns, way-finding, accessibility, interpretation, picnicking facilities, food storage, and waste management," according to park officials.

Trailheads that will be included in the study are Gaylor Lakes at Tioga Pass, Mono Pass, Snow Creek, May Lake, Porcupine, Yosemite Creek/Ten Lakes, Lukens Lake, and Tamarack Flat/Aspen Valley.

Public scoping -- your opportunity to tell park officials what the EA should consider -- will run from November 6 through December 12, 2008. Comments with issues, ideas, and suggestions for the Tioga Trailheads Project may be submitted during this period. You'll have a second opportunity to comment when the environmental assessment is ready for review (which is anticipated in winter 2009/2010).

"Although there will be two formal opportunities to comment on this plan, it is important to remember that comments are welcome at any time during the planning process," say park officials "A field visit is scheduled for November 15, pending weather and road conditions. Additional field visits will be scheduled in the spring and early summer of 2009."

For more information on this project, visit this site.

Additionally, you can submit comments with your thoughts about this topic or any other project in the park by any of the following means:

Mail: Superintendent
P.O. Box 577
Yosemite, CA 95389

Phone: 209/379-1365; Fax: 209/379-1294


I worked on NPS trail crews for 28 years. New construction, upgrades, and "improvements" were ALWAYS a higher management priority than just taking proper care of what they already had. This development was done in lieu of actual maintenance and was/is a major factor in the so-called maintenance backlog.

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