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Moron Commits Robbery in Lincoln Memorial Bookstore


Should this sign also say "Remember to Change Your Clothes"? Photo by]Quadell[/... via Wikipedia.

Some people are just too stupid to be successful criminals. Consider the case of one guy who, while wearing a court-ordered monitoring device, robbed a man at the Lincoln Memorial bookstore in full view of the surveillance camera.

On the afternoon of Monday, June 30th, the security camera at the Lincoln Memorial bookstore recorded a robbery perpetrated by two men. One of the thieves distracted the victim while his pickpocket accomplice relieved the man of his wallet.

The thieves left the bookstore, went to a nearby store, and used one of the credit cards from the stolen wallet to make a purchase. The store’s surveillance video documented this crime as well..

An information bulletin disseminated by Glenn Lupino, the detective assigned to the case, prompted a phone call on July 16 from the head of security at DC Court Services. Lupino was told that one of the perps caught on camera was meeting with his probation officer even as they spoke. He was also told that this same perp was wearing a court-ordered monitoring device – a device whose GPS information confirmed he’d been at the Lincoln Memorial (and later, near the store where the credit card was used) on the date and at the approximate times of the crimes.

Detective Luppino and another officer contacted the probation office. It turns out that the perp had arrived at the probation office wearing the same outfit he’d been wearing when captured on video committing his crimes.

The perp, who is surely not the brightest bulb on the string, was arrested and charged with “robbery by stealth.” That’s right; stealth!

The second suspect remains at large.

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