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Everglades National Park Wildfire Grows To nearly 33,000 Acres


The Mustang Corner fire in Everglades National Park has grown to nearly 33,000 acres. NPS photo.

Dry, windy conditions are feeding a wildfire that has burned nearly 33,000 acres in Everglades National Park. Officials believe the so-called "Mustang Corner" fire was human-caused.

The fire grew by more than 11,000 acres on Sunday, and fire bosses have no estimate on when the blaze might be fully contained. Currently, fire lines have been established around roughly one-third of the blaze. The fire is burning primary across grassy areas of the park about 15 miles southwest of Kendell, Florida.

So far the National Park Service has spent nearly $700,000 fighting the fire, which started in an area south of the Chekika visitor area.


What chemicals were used to suppress the fire?

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