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Stamps Celebrating Nature to be Unveiled at Rocky Mountain NP


The U.S. Postal Service is honoring nature in the national parks with this pane of nine stamps celebrating "Alpine Tundra" in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Nature, particularly that preserved in the national parks, is being celebrated by the U.S. Postal Service with a pane of stamps capturing the alpine beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park.

The plate of nine 41-cent stamps will be publicly unveiled August 28th at the park's Beaver Meadows Visitors Center at 11 in the morning. Each of the nine stamps reflects a different aspect of life in the park's alpine corridors. For instance, one stamp bears the image of a bighorn sheep, another an elk, and another wildflowers. Also pictured are a golden eagle, the white-tailed ptarmigan, and the yellow-bellied marmot.

Estes Park Postmaster Becky Glowacki will host the ceremony. Dedicating the stamps will be Rocky Mountain National Park Superintendent Vaughn Baker and David Failor, national manager of the Postal Service’s Commemorative Stamp Program. Also on hand will be stamp artist and designer, John Dawson, from Hilo, Hawaii. Dawson worked closely with Rocky Mountain National Park staff and officials in his depiction of the colorful Alpine Tundra.

The Alpine Tundra stamps will be available at all Post Offices Aug. 28. The stamp pane depicts a summer tundra scene at about 12,000 feet in the park. More than 24 animal and plant species native to the Alpine Tundra and Rocky Mountain National Park are pictured.

“The Estes Park Post Office, our great state of Colorado and the wonderful staff of Rocky Mountain National Park are proud to host this national event and to introduce these magnificent stamps to America on Aug. 28. We invite everyone to join us,” says Postmaster Glowacki.

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