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Russian Provides Perspective at Minuteman Missile Park

Heavy Door at Minuteman Missle National Historic Site; Jason Stajich Photo.

Text on door reads, "World Wide Delivery in 30 Minutes or Less, Or Your Next One is Free", with graphic resembling a Domino's pizza box. Jason Stajich Photo.

I noticed this article recently in the Rapid City Journal. Apparently, there is a Russian volunteer working at the Minuteman Missile National Historic Site this summer, helping to provide another perspective on the Cold War story. Pretty neat story, reveals the unique power of the interpretive services provided by the National Park Service. One of a kind.

Russian volunteer helps expand Cold War understanding

They'll have more to talk about next month, when Prokofiev returns to Russia after a summer in the United States, most of it working at the Minuteman historic site. As part of a Rotary sponsored international VIP program, Prokofiev spends some of his work day hosting visitors to the site headquarters, or helping with tours at a preserved missile silo and underground launch center. But he is particularly valuable in bringing a Russian perspective to Cold War interpretive exhibits being developed by the park service.


His days at the historic site, however, are becoming a "very significant experience for me personally and for my work as a journalist in Russia." He said that viewing the Cold War from the U.S. perspective, especially at the Minuteman sites, will help deepen his understanding of this nation and its past conflicts with the former Soviet Union, which broke up officially almost 16 years ago.


I hope he'll still be there when my son and I visit at the end of the month. Would be a great learning opportunity for my son to meet someone from the other side of a "war" and hear his perspectives. Thanks for the story.

-- Jon

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