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Mount Rushmore Recreated in Cheese

Mount Rushmore depicted in cheese. AP Photo/The Post-Crescent, Michael P. King

Does it come close to the real thing? (AP Photo/The Post-Crescent, Michael P. King)

You've seen them wearing visors, you've seen them on quarters, now see them in cheese. I'm sure I'm playing into someone's plans by blogging about this, but I couldn't resist. The company that makes the Cheez-It snack cracker have commissioned someone to create a replica of Mount Rushmore out of a 700 pound block of cheese. Upon completion, the cheesy monument will go on tour, appearing on TV in New York along the way. It will finish the journey in Oklahoma where it will be cut into tiny snacks and consumed. I wonder if original sculpture Gutzon Borglum would be impressed.

story found via Yahoo! news.


Sure glad it's Wisconsin cheese. That fake California stuff just wouldn't cut it! Who has the crackers?

We were just out at Mt. Rushmore on vacation. Now I'll have to make a run up to Little Chute before it hits the road.

I think that guy loves his job a little too much...

-- Jon

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