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Carlsbad Caverns has new concessionaire
After 80 years, the concession at Carlsbad Cavern National Park operated by Cavern Supply Company has been awarded to a new company called the Carlsbad Cavern Trading. You can read the full story here, and another one here. Other competitive bids for the concession had come from such well known park heavy-weights as Aramark and Delaware North. The new concession is run by New Mexico businessman Armand Ortega, who I've been told, is the same fellow that had rescued the historic El Rancho Hotel in Gallup, New Mexico from demolition. Ortega's company holds two other concessions in New Mexico parks at Bandelier and White Sands.

Wright Brothers Memorial grounds flights
Back in June 2001, a concession run air tour of the Wright Brothers National Memorial crashed. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but following the wreck, the park suspended the operation. And now, according to this article from Pilot Online, the park has officially made the suspension permanent. Park Superintendant Murray said, the flights were "not necessary or in any way required to accomplish the park's mission or visitor service objectives."


Isn't it Wright Brothers?

Write, er, right you are. Thanks for the catch.


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