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St. Louis Man Dies in Fall From Angel's Landing


A wedding this weekend in Zion National Park was marred by the death of a St. Louis man who fell from Angel's Landing.

Fifty-three-year-old Barry Goldstein was traveling with a group of family and friends when witnesses said rocks he was standing on near the edge gave way. Mr. Goldstein's daughter reportedly was standing near him when he fell yesterday.

"All I know is he slipped on a rock or something and momentum grabbed him as he started to fall and plummeted or fell off," the man's sister, Joni Goldstein, said in a comment to a previous post about a woman who died in a fall from Angel's Landing last August.

"I'm so confused and sad. We live in St. Louis and he was there for a wedding tomorrow (Saturday) and the family all were together.  I hope he wasn't scared and wondered if he lost consciousness before he hit the ground."    


my heart goes out to the family- Angels landing is to be the highlight of my own honeymoon vacation- though i am considering not climbing angels now- it seems a lot more dangerous than anticipated and though having experienced ridge scrambling in scotland and wales i am having second thoughts- k

Did Barry Goldstien graduate from Parkway North? If so, I was friends with him in highschool.


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