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Mammoth Cave Ferries Docked Due to Low Water

Green River Ferry at Mammoth Cave National Park; NPS Photo

In Mammoth Cave National Park the Green River Ferry, along with Houchins Ferry in the park, are two of the few working river ferries in the United States. NPS Photo.

Climate change? Global warming? Just mom nature's cyclic fits?

Who knows what the answer is, but rainfall at Mammoth Cave National Park this year has been so low -- 10 inches below normal since the start of the year -- that the Green River is too low for the Green River Ferry and Houchins Ferry to operate.

Whenever enough rain arrives the ferries will set sail. For information, call the park at 270-758-2166.


Was there with my daughter in late May and they were closed when we arrived in the morning and later when I asked about it that same day, the ferries were operating (according to the gent at the Visitor Center desk). Seems rather odd since there was not a drop of rain the entire week we visited Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, and Ohio parks.

-- Jon Merryman

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