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Yosemite Gateway Town Not Happy With Proposed Fee Bump


    Much of the media attention on fee creep in national parks seems to be flowing out of California these days. Whether it's the result of a focused media or an outraged citizenry I don't know, but there's been a lot of media attention on plans by Yosemite officials to bump their daily entrance fee up from $20 to $25 beginning in January.
    The latest story of unhappiness over the fee creep comes from the Fresno Bee, which sent a reporter to Mariposa to talk to locals who make their living off park visitors. the Mariposa Gem and Mineral Club, Jan Martin says she's "spitting mad at fee increases that are only going to hurt people who are lucky to get one day off."
    "We're paying taxes to keep the bugger open," says Martin, 67, while she strings gem earrings. "If we're already paying taxes, how is it fair to also keep raising fees?"

    You can read the rest of the story here.

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