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NPCA: Gateway NRA Is A Shambles


    Not too often is a national park unit actually decommissioned, but it sounds as if Gateway National Recreation Area could be heading that way if things aren't brought under control there.
    According to the National Parks Conservation Association, Gateway is under siege from water pollution, urban pressures, and a lack of funding and staffing.
    Located in the New York-New Jersey greater metropolitan area, Gateway's waters and landscape are polluted by treated and untreated sewage and industrial wastes, surrounded by blighted buildings, and have lost many of native species.
    “Gateway was created to bring the national park experience to our urban region, to serve as a recreational opportunity for our residents and a living classroom for our kids. However, it has failed to live up to its potential for more than 30 years,” says Alexander Brash, NPCA's northeast regional director. "The park’s poor grades reflect both its historical past, as well as a lack of serious public investment since its creation.”
    To see what else NPCA has to say about Gateway, read its report card on the NRA.

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