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Channel Islands' Eagle Cam


    Webcams are all the rage these days, with most of those from national parks depicting a sweeping panorama. At Channel Islands National Park, though, the focus is on eagles and eaglets.
    From the park's "EagleCam" you get a front-row view of a nest with an eaglet that hatched back on April 13 on Santa Cruz Island. The solar-powered cam has been beaming live video around the world and has attracted quite a dedicated following
    A group of about 400 people from across North America even formed a group called the “Cruzers” dedicated solely to monitoring the threatened birds on Santa Cruz Island. They had never met before, but have evolved into a tight-knit virtual network, reads a story in the Santa Barbara News.
Now, you might have to be patient when you dial up the feed, as the eaglet isn't terribly active and sometimes looks little more than a grayish-brown blob. But if you give it some time, you're likely to see it move around and just might see its parents drop by with a meal.


It's definitely worth waiting to see the eaglet. When I tuned in one of the parents was milling about, blocking the view of the eaglet -- which did look like discarded fuzz in the middle of the nest. Then the fuzzball came to life and started moving around. Amazing stuff.

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