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Commenting Made Easier


    In light of requests to help park advocates be more active in commenting on Park Service plans and fee increases, I've added a "Comment Now!" feature over there to your left.
    As I become aware of public comment periods, I'll add links that will either take you directly to the NPS public comment web site or provide an email link to the park in question so you can quickly zap your comments to the superintendent in question.
    For background on the issue in question, use the Google search option on the right-hand column to find my original post.


Would you mind explaining the "Speak Out!" info? I don't get it. :)

Speak Out! is a more general approach to voicing your concerns about the national park system. The people I've listed are committee chairs with direct oversight of the NPS. As such, they are the movers and shakers we should be reaching out to in general, while the Comment Now! fixture is to comment on specific park proposals.

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