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Talking Bison


    Yellowstone's bison herds will be the topic tomorrow in Washington, D.C, when the House parks subcommittee tries to get some answers about how the herds are being managed and why Montana's governor is so upset over the buffs.
Ynpbisontree      Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer wants the Park Service and the Agriculture Department to better coordinate how Yellowstone's bison are managed. The problem is that bison can carry brucellosis, a disease that can cause domestic livestock to abort their fetuses. In winter bison often head north out of the park to lower grounds in Montana, and ranchers fear they could spread brucellosis to their cattle.
    In past years the park has rounded up bison and shipped them off to slaughter. Efforts are under way to negotiate a corridor for the bison to travel through, but that's still tentative.
    Representative Raul Grijalva, who chairs the subcommittee, is interested in finding a solution that doesn't require slaughtering bison.
    You can find additional details of this issue and tomorrow's hearing here.

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