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Hikers Drown in Mount Rainier


    A weekend hiking excursion turned to tragedy in Mount Rainier when a couple in their 40s drowned in Ipsut Creek in the park's Carbon River area.
     The couple, along with a third hiker, were heading out of the park yesterday morning when they came to a log-crossing of the creek.The woman slipped off the log and fell into the creek and her husband leaped in to try to save her. The third hiker managed to cross the creek and headed to the trailhead several miles away to get help.
    A resulting search that involved 10 Mount Rainier rangers, a King County helicopter, and more than a dozen members of the Pierce County Swift Water Rescue Unit found one body about 200 feet downstream of the log shortly before noon, and the second body about an hour later.
    While they were able to recover one of the bodies yesterday, the second is expected to be recovered today. Names and hometown of the couple were being withheld until notification of next of kin could be made.

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